TX5T - Look for us on the HF bands Feb 20 - Mar 2

Rains, mild winds. Still haven’t gotten up 80/160 antenna. We are squeezed for space. The “beach” is non existent. So 80/160 is a “maybe” Literally hung the hexbeam from a tree about 4 meters high! Working well however!

OUR locator is BG66ed….. for those interested in beam headings, etc. or 23.51 S and 147.38 W

CQ 32 ITU 63  IOTA- OC-114

On the Air! Madison W5MJ making first QSOs.. 15 meters

This is a TIKI not one of our operators.. This TIKI is last one on Raivave.

Our Pilots are:

          Anthony De Biasi - K2SG (East Coast USA) k2sg@comcast.net 

          Don Meyers - N7BT     (West Coast USA) n7bt@arrl.net

Thursday update 9000 contacts. WE have spotty internet connection so we will attempt out first log upload “tommorrow" at the latest. 

23,973 Visitors to our Tonga site, Let’s see what the Australs will generate.

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