TX5T We were on the  HF bands Feb 20 - Mar 2

18 meter spider pole up configured as an inverted “L” for 160...

Stayed at Raivave Tama.. many previous radio operators, They understand our needs and funny hours! Emmy is fabulous Napa Valley trained chef.

Prior to leaving, nice photo of church next door, mountain to the south of Resort. Photo courtesy of Maraeikura Brightwell, a New Zealand photographer doing a photo mission to Raivave. Superb photo work!

All done, packing…..  >22,000 contacts! Thanks to all

OUR locator was BG66ed….. for those interested in beam headings, etc. or 23.51 S and 147.38 W

CQ 32 ITU 63  IOTA- OC-114

We are now OFF THE AIR!.. Web page will be left up for several months to allow people to contact our QSO manager, review what we did, etc.

This is a TIKI not one of our operators.. This TIKI is last one on Raivave.

Our Pilots were:

          Anthony De Biasi - K2SG (East Coast USA) k2sg@comcast.net 

          Don Meyers - N7BT     (West Coast USA) n7bt@arrl.net

VE7KW, Keith operating.

Neil VA7DX..

Madison, W5MJ

23,973 Visitors to our Tonga site, Let’s see what the Australs will generate.

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